R&I Projects:

NameShort descriptionFundingRolePeriodStatus
GreenGLAMGreenGLAM will use AI to combine data from GLAMs (e.g., collection metadata, Europeana.eu, website content) with public discussions and media, linking facts and opinions about Austrian GLAMs to relevant SDGs. This will enhance citizen experiences through Virtual Data Sculptures and AR applications showing these associations.
The collaboration between AI experts and GLAM representatives will maximize the potential of GLAM collections, raising awareness and promoting SDGs. It will educate citizens, improve scientific literacy, and enhance public outreach, strengthening SDG communication. Automated promotion will amplify GLAMs’ role in public discussion, increasing awareness of SDG topics.
FFG / BMK via the AI for Green ProgrammeCoordinator06.2024-05.2027ongoing
KI.MKI.M will provide access to a portfolio of
datasets and algorithms for different tasks in the context of transport and mobility. The added value of the
project lies in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for validating, enriching, linking, and interactively visualizing
this data. Thereby, KI.M will support a uniform data ecosystem for climate-friendly urban mobility and will help
to avoid isolated solutions.
FFG/BMK via ICT of the Future ProgrammePartner10.2023-09.2026ongoing
AI-CENTIVEThe project will integrate and learn from complex data in order to anticipate mobility needs when
moving between locations in Austria. This will be used in the user-facing application to
promote the most suitable environmentally friendly options where and when they are needed as
alternative to private car use.
FFG/ BMK via ICT of the Future ProgrammeCoordinator12.2022-11.2025ongoing
TransMIXRThe project goal is to create a range of human-
centric tools for remote content production and consumption via social virtual reality. The project’s platform will provide a distributed XR Creation Environment that supports remote collaboration practices, and XR Media Experience Environment for the delivery and consumption of highly evocative and highly-social immersive media experiences.
EU Horizon EuropePartner10.2022 – 09.2025ongoing
SDG-HUBSDG-HUB will advance the state of the art and develop AI-based approaches to build a comprehensive knowledge repository – aiming to address the socio-ecological challenges of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 and the climate mitigation goals of the Paris Agreement in particular.FFG / BMK via the AI for Green ProgrammePartner05.2022 – 04.2025ongoing
GENTIOThe project will develop a flexible Multi-Task Learning (MTL) approach based on Generative Learning Networks to unify the understanding of text at three fundamental levels: structure, content and context.FFG / BMVIT, ICT of the Future ProgrammePartner01.2020 – 06.2023completed
EPOCHEPOCH will measure the effects on statistical indicators of events being reported in the news and social media.FFG / BMVIT, ICT of the Future ProgrammeCoordinator01.2019 – 06.2022completed
ReTVReTV aims to provide broadcasters and content distributors with technologies and insights to leverage the converging digital media landscape.EU Horizon 2020Coordinator01.2018 – 03.2021completed
InVIDThe project goal is to build a platform providing services to detect, authenticate and check the reliability and accuracy of newsworthy video files and video content spread via social media.EU Horizon 2020Partner01.2016 – 12.2018completed


The project is an integrated and practical approach towards experiencing Networked Media in the Future Internet

EU 7th Framework Programme


10.2013 – 03.2015

MediaMixerThe main rationale of MediaMixer is to set up and sustain a community of video producers, hosters, and redistributors who will be supported in the adoption of semantic multimedia technology in their systems and workflows to build a European market for media fragment re-purposing and re-selling
EU 7th Framework Programme
Coordinator11.2012 – 04.2014