R&I Projects:

NameShort descriptionFundingRolePeriodStatus
AI-CENTIVEThe project will integrate and learn from complex data in order to anticipate mobility needs when
moving between locations in Austria. This will be used in the user-facing application to
promote the most suitable environmentally friendly options where and when they are needed as
alternative to private car use.
FFG/ BMK via ICT of the Future ProgrammeCoordinator12.2022-11.2025ongoing
TransMIXR The project goal is to create a range of human-
centric tools for remote content production and consumption via social virtual reality. The project’s platform will provide a distributed XR Creation Environment that supports remote collaboration practices, and XR Media Experience Environment for the delivery and consumption of highly evocative and highly-social immersive media experiences.
EU Horizon EuropePartner10.2022 – 09.2025ongoing
SDG-HUBSDG-HUB will advance the state of the art and develop AI-based approaches to build a comprehensive knowledge repository – aiming to address the socio-ecological challenges of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 and the climate mitigation goals of the Paris Agreement in particular.FFG / BMK via the AI for Green ProgrammePartner05.2022 – 04.2025ongoing
GENTIOThe project will develop a flexible Multi-Task Learning (MTL) approach based on Generative Learning Networks to unify the understanding of text at three fundamental levels: structure, content and context.FFG / BMVIT, ICT of the Future ProgrammePartner01.2020 – 06.2023ongoing
EPOCHEPOCH will measure the effects on statistical indicators of events being reported in the news and social media.FFG / BMVIT, ICT of the Future ProgrammeCoordinator01.2019 – 06.2022completed
ReTVReTV aims to provide broadcasters and content distributors with technologies and insights to leverage the converging digital media landscape.EU Horizon 2020Coordinator01.2018 – 03.2021completed
InVIDThe project goal is to build a platform providing services to detect, authenticate and check the reliability and accuracy of newsworthy video files and video content spread via social media.EU Horizon 2020Partner01.2016 – 12.2018completed


The project is an integrated and practical approach towards experiencing Networked Media in the Future Internet

EU 7th Framework Programme


10.2013 – 03.2015

MediaMixerThe main rationale of MediaMixer is to set up and sustain a community of video producers, hosters, and redistributors who will be supported in the adoption of semantic multimedia technology in their systems and workflows to build a European market for media fragment re-purposing and re-selling
EU 7th Framework Programme
Coordinator11.2012 – 04.2014