“We transfer the latest research and development advances in data retrieval, analysis, annotation and linking into the media and content industries.”

Company description

MODUL Technology GmbH is your partner in innovative solutions for media and data collection, annotation and linking, integrating extracted and external knowledge into existing workflows and powering new and extended user interfaces and applications such as: news event or topic detection, social media retrieval and organisation, TV/video enrichment with related information and content.

As a research and innovation spin-off of MODUL University Vienna, the Technology GmbH enables university faculty (as the technology experts) as well as hired researchers and developers to work on near-to-market R&D with a close collaboration with the University itself and support existing and future University spin-offs.

It was founded in 2015 as part of the exploitation plans of the LinkedTV project, in order to continue to coordinate LinkedTV technology development and promote it to industry. It has access to technology experts from throughout the Department of New Media Technology, which conducts cross-disciplinary research on knowledge acquisition, semantic Web annotation, human-computer interaction, data analytics, natural language processing and multimedia description and linking. Its first project collaboration has been to develop solutions for news topic detection and social media retrieval in the InVID project, together with its commercial technology partner webLyzard technology.


Linked Television

Link your media to additional information and content easily and powerfully, giving your media consumers a wholly new media experience. 

The Linked Television technology set can analyse your audiovisual content, richly annotate the media in terms of its structure and content and semi-automatically generate links to related information and content about the concepts and topics in the annotation. These links can then be synchronized to media playback, enabling single or multi-screen applications for enhanced media consumption. Let MODUL Technology GmbH co-ordinate your Linked Television project – contact us!


Media Mixer

Technologies to help content owners and others re-use and re-mix their content.

Media Mixer combines the latest, innovative multimedia technologies to enable enterprises to richly annotate their media assets and use those annotations for flexible and powerful media re-use and re-mix scenarios, both internally and making their media available for new uses by third parties. MODUL Technology GmbH offers consultancy, training and technology transfer on the whole set of Media Mixer technologies: media analysis, annotation, fragmentation, rights management and asset organisation.

Meet the Team

Technology projects are handled by:

lyndonnixon Dr Lyndon Nixon (CTO) brings his more than 15 years of R&D experience to MODUL Technology projects, defining and developing new innovations in media metadata production and usage. His experience includes scientific coordinator for the LinkedTV project and project coordinator of several EU and national projects including MediaMixer.  He developed and promotes the concept of Linked Media, the usage of conceptual annotations from Knowledge Graphs to drive media linking and browsing applications.
 max Maximilian Lang MSc (Project Manager) ensures a smooth execution of your project from kick-off through to the successful conclusion. He has experience administrating many EU and national research projects.

What we offer


  • Consultancy. Find out your media content and metadata requirements and how innovative technologies can help you better manage, re-use and enrich your content!
  • Technology transfer. We develop concepts and demonstrators for you, configure and customise the technology you need and can create a full end-to-end solution for your data and media needs.
  • Knowledge transfer. We can train your staff in new media technology or offer remote support from our experts.


  • Topic detection from data streams.
  • Data retrieval based on real-time changing topics
  • Online and social media content collection
  • Rich media annotation including entity recognition and linking to resources in public Knowledge Graphs (DBPedia, WikiData etc.)
  • Media linking and browsing, including semantic search, faceted navigation and semantic similarity measures

Contact us


MODUL Technology GmbH

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